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Narong Pimsarn
Bungorn Kosonparinyanantha
Phongsak Poupornphong


This article proposed the concept of the school administrators’ roles on curriculum and instruction development, which was an important of teaching management because of the school administrators were responsible for determining the guidelines of teaching management to achieve destination. The best curriculum always has been developed in order to be the best content by the way to be up-to-date for transition of social, economy, technology and politics. The school administrators’ roles on curriculum development, consisted of 1) basic data analysis, 2) curriculum’s objective, 3) content and learning experiences, and 4) curriculum implementation and the roles in instructional development which were systems thinking and systems approach.


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Pimsarn ณ., Kosonparinyanantha บ., & Poupornphong พ. (2020). THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS’ ROLES ON CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION DEVELOPMENT. Journal of Educational Review Faculty of Education in MCU, 7(2), 315–324. Retrieved from
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