The Propagation of Buddhism in ASEAN

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นันทิตา วนาพิทักษ์กุล
พระครูสุจิตรัตนากร วฑฺฒจิตฺโต


This article was devoted to study how religious beliefs in ASEAN nations were, what impacts were resulted from cultural influx after the opening of ASEAN community, how Thailand as the center of Buddhism prepared to deal with those situations, what had been done pro-actively for Buddhist propagation and what had not been done yet, and finally the suggestion on what strategy should be implemented in Buddhist propagation in ASEAN community would be presented.

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วนาพิทักษ์กุล น., & วฑฺฒจิตฺโต พ. (2018). The Propagation of Buddhism in ASEAN. Journal of Educational Review Faculty of Education in MCU, 2(2), 140–151. Retrieved from
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