Sangha Administration in Thailand in the Next Decade

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พระครูใบฎีกาอภิชาติ ธมฺมสุทฺโธ


This article discusses the Sangha organization having the unity in Buddhist way with ability to support and keep society peacefully.The traditional administration should be adjusted to suite the modern situation and time of the world. To modify the development plan and Sangha organization in Thailand, it should be started from Sangha personnel; monks and novices. Monks and novices should have knowledge in Sangha administration principles and services based on Dhamma and Vinaya.


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ธมฺมสุทฺโธ พ. (2018). Sangha Administration in Thailand in the Next Decade. Journal of Educational Review Faculty of Education in MCU, 2(2), 126–139. Retrieved from
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