The Application of the Buddhist Missionary through Social Media

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พระครูภัทรธรรมคุณ อติภทฺโท
พระครูสุนทรธัญรักษ์ บุญพร


The Buddha decided to teach all beings by considering that some beings had more defilement and some had a little, and some had strong spiritual faculties and some had weak spiritual faculties. From this consideration, the Buddha started teaching people and gained disciples. The Buddha sent his 60 disciples to propagate his teachings in various places with a recommend that to preach the doctrine salutary in its beginning, middle and end with accurate essence suitable to the audience. Announcing his teachings was recognized that the Buddha had established Buddhism. The Buddha taught all beings with loving-kindness and compassion so that he was called the teacher of celestial beings and human beings. The world was peaceful with his teachings.

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