Buddhist Therapy of Bojjhanga: Results of operations or magical spells

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ศิริพร ทัศนศรี


In Buddhism, the wealthy health means to be free from physical and mental illness. With unhealthy health, a man cannot perform his own duty perfectly nor follow his moral commitment. However, the illness is a karmic heritage that human beings are faced inevitably. The difference is slow or fast and more or less. The therapy with Bojjhanga is the result of advanced practice. This is a permanent cure as the Buddha said that illness-free was to attain Nibbana which permanently cured mental suffering or pain. This also refers to common illness or physical pain. If the heal does not come from the practice, whether it is the result of spell power in Bojjhangaparitta. The most important is using a good health as a tool to train one’s self to realize the truths in Buddhism.



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