Changing a Life with the paradigm shift

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สิน งามประโคน
มยุรี ด้วงศรี


To solve any problems whether occurring from the change of human
behavior, social condition, economic factor, political situation, cultural and
environmental phenomena, it starts from a paradigm towards the world and life with
appropriately integrated Dhamma principles. The world is confronting with problems
resulting from the actions of man. The problem solution must be started from
ourselves. This new paradigm of the Buddha has not occurred without cause and
result, but with a process and practical approach by using the faith to the new
paradigm. The clear and prominent goal of the new paradigm shift starts from faith
to understand the truth of Dhamma and Vinaya principles. The true contents of
Dhamma and Vinaya principles can truly help change behaviors of men. With right
understanding in Dhamma and Vinaya, men can change their ways of thinking.

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