Guidelines for the Successful of Y Series Production Lesson through LINE TV Application

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Tivaporn Sarbmuangpak


This qualitative research was conducted to study 1) success factors in producing Y series through LINE TV application, 2) guidelines for developing successful production of Y series through LINE TV application. In-depth interview was conducted to collect data. The Purposive sample group was five Y-series from 33 that was specifically selected from top rank of Y series broadcasted in 2020 via LINE TV Application. Director of all 5 Y series were the key informants. The results showed that 1. Factors for success in the production of Y series via LINE TV application consisted of 10 factors, consisting of 1) actors 2) plot 3) special characteristics of Y Culture. 4) Target Audience 5) Online Platforms 6) Broadcasting time 7) Teasers & Trailers 8) Social Media feedback 9) Driven from fans and 10) Business Expansion. 2. Guidelines for developing the production of Y series to be successful through the LINE TV application are as follows: 1) Strategies to make a difference in the production of Y series were storytelling improvement and director professional development 2) guideline to overcoming problems and obstacles in the production of Y series through the LINE TV application were casting actors in accordance with the script and contribution to the society 3) developing the production of Y series to be successful through the LINE TV application, consisting of production quality competitions, open-mindedness to watch series Y and the support of the Y series from the public and private sectors to make Y series as soft power of the country.

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บทความวิจัย (Research article)


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