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Sutin Chaiyawattana
Chakkapan Wongpornpavan
Jaras Leeka


The objectives of this research are 1) to study the ethics of housing 2) to study the theoretical concepts of divorce law 3) to analyze the ethics of householding and divorce law. It is a documentary research. By studying information from the Tripitaka Legal academic papers And related research The data was analyzed by descriptive analysis according to the inductive method.
The results of the research as follows:
1. Buddhist ethics applied to the Married Life and the law of divorce are at three levels, namely the 5 th precepts or Benjasiri. Charity or bad karma 10 is a medium level Buddhist ethics and Mak 8 is a high level of Buddhism.
2. Theoretical concepts of divorce law. The fact that both of them could file for divorce consisted of guilt Husband and wife have adultery Husband or wife behave badly, husband or wife assault or insult. Husband or wife in abandonment The husband or wife breaches parole and grounds for divorce not based on the spouse's fault. The husband or wife is subject to a final judgment to imprisonment. Husband or wife
voluntarily Separately, husband or wife was ordered by the court to be a pervert Husband or wife do not help each other. Antagonism The husband or wife is insane. The husband or wife has a serious contagious disease. The husband or wife is physically unable to commit sexual intercourse.
3. The analysis of Buddhist ethics consists of the following: (1) 6 organic sodas, 6 organic custody, eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind, so that there is no symptom of excessive enjoyment when affecting the external senses or emotions. (2) 4 layouts of Dharma: Sajja, Dharma, Khanti and Jaka To abstain from carrying things that he did not give To abstain from misconduct To abstain from lying and deceitfulness, and to abstain from intoxication, which is alcohol and alcohol, which is the site of negligence. (4) Abstinence from all six acts of deception is the ingestion of intoxication. Wallowing in the alleyways at night Obsessing over entertainment Obsessing over gambling The obsession with the wicked and the lazy in work. (5) The sixth direction is the last time, meaning the direction behind is wife or husband With the following guidelines The husband should nurture his wife as follows: honoring the status of the wife, do not despise, do not cheat Find jewelry to give as a gift according to the occasion. The wife supports her husband as follows. Arrange the housework. Worshiping both sides of the family well, not unfaithful, keeping the obtained wealth and being diligent, not lazy in all works.


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Chaiyawattana, S., Wongpornpavan, C., & Leeka, J. (2021). AN ANALYSIS OF THE BUDDHIST ETHICS OF HOUSEHOLDING AND DIVORCE LAW . Journal of Graduate MCU KhonKaen Campus, 8(1), 138-151. Retrieved from
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