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Phramahasuphon Supalo
Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo


“Thais Entering the IT Era” is a book that has been compiled on the subject of technology and the overall usage of new technologies. The content was divided into 3 parts: Part 1, defines the meaning and evolution of technology, which refers to the advantage and disadvantage of such technologies, Part 2, refers to the self development and the technology user, this section focuses on the advantage of development, knowledge and awareness of advantage technology by users, and finally, Part 3, refers to technology usage by Thais, which describes the context of Thai’s disadvantages on technology usage. At present, Thais users has very high deficiencies and disadvantages with regards to the use of technology. The book "Thais entering IT Era" demonstrates awareness of Thai users not being too obsessed with technology, and prefer to maintain the traditional Thai culture of living in the moment that Thai people have carried on in their heritage for a long time.


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Supalo, P., & Thitapanyo, P. M. (2021). THAI PEOPLE TO THE IT ERA. Journal of Graduate MCU KhonKaen Campus, 8(1), 189-199. Retrieved from
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