A Study of Budgeting Management Problems in School under Secondary Educational Service Area Office 42

การศึกษาปัญหาการบริหารงบประมาณของสถานศึกษาสังกัดสำนักงานเขตพื้นที่ การศึกษามัธยมศึกษาเขต 42

  • ศิริโชค เจริญราช คณะครุศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาราชภัฏนครสวรรค์
Keywords: Budgeting Management, Secondary Educational Service Area Office42


The objective of the research is the study of budgeting management problems in school. The sample in this research was determined by using Krejcie and Morgan formula. The simple was 8 Administrations and 327 teachers, totaling 335 samples. The research used questionnaire about Budgeting Management Problems in School with a coefficient of stability at .098. The data were analyzed by using percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test analysis, variance (One-Way ANOVA) and pair difference test by Scheffe's Method. The research findings were as follows; 1) The overall of budgeting management problems in school was found at a high level. The highest mean found at the highest to the lowest was Financial and Performance, Asset Management, Budget Planning, Internal, Output Costing, Financial Management and Budgeting Control, Procurement management respectively.2) The result of comparison of the opinions of administrations and teachers toward the budgeting management problems in school classified by sex, position, work experience with different was significant at .05 levels. When Post-Hoc test overall the administrators and teachers with less than 5 years working experience


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