Supply chain management to enhance the efficiency sustainable dairy cows production in Sakon Nakhon Province

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หาญชัย อัมภาผล
ภรภัทร ไชยสมบัติ
เรืองฤทธิ์ หาญมนตรี
นราวุธ ระพันธ์คำ
ชนกนันท์ ศรีลาพัฒน์
เฉลิมโรจน์ ชัยสิทธิพัฒนา


This research aims to study (1) Dairy farming and dairy supply chain management in Sakon Nakhon province (2) Find the way to development of dairy supply chain management in Sakon Nakhon province. Data collection was conducted from 160 dairy farmers in Sakon Nakhon province. Dairy Cooperative Board in Phu Phan Sakon Nakhon dairy cooperative limited and Varichphum dairy cooperative limited of 5 people in each. And consumers of dairy products of dairy cooperatives in Sakon Nakhon province about 384 people. use farmer interview form, interviews with dairy cooperative directors and the data were analyzed by means of descriptive statistics. The study of supply chain management in dairy cattle in Sakon Nakhon province found farmer management was financially managed and marketing was good. But there were barriers in labor was farmers had limited labor, no successor inheritance include barriers to production especially high cost of production management of dairy cooperatives found dairy cooperative had a clear plan of action. There was a common action plan between the members, cooperative board and external agencies and supervised monthly report assume that the cooperative had a systematic management. However, farmers in the sub-sector also had a need for cooperatives to develop food prices and quality raw materials and cheaper. The price adjustment in line with production costs. Technical exchanges among dairy farmers and a welfare system for members such as membership scholarship, Medical treatment for members and manage the level of wholesalers, retailers and consumers found at present, dairy products from dairy cooperatives in Sakon Nakhon had sufficient market most of them distribute products to wholesalers and retailers in Sakon Nakhon and neighborhood.

Supply chain management to increase efficiency of dairy production in Sakon Nakhon province had policy recommendations was 1) Dairy farmers should adjust production factors appropriately to reduce production costs and increase revenue especially the cost of cattle feed 2) Dairy cooperatives should continuously improve production management knowledge for farmers supply quality inputs and cheap service to members and the price of raw milk from farmers was set in accordance with the increase in production cost. 3) The government should promote the processing of milk products of dairy cooperatives. To create value added raw milk yield and 4) Dairy farmers are the elderly farmers and the successors of the business so dairy cooperatives or the public sector should support and drive the farm as Young Smart Farmer made it successful and be a sample farm to motivate new generations or descendants, farmers become more interested in dairy farming.


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