Useless Normality in Urak Lavoj Culture at Ban Sangka U, Krabi Province


  • Weeranan Damrongsakul
  • Philairat Sriwichian-aumphai Christian University


Learning Center, Cultural Material, Urak Lavoj, Identity, Community Empowerment


This article presented the identification of  Urak Lavoj which has characteristics unlike other ethnic groups in Thai society through the learning center. According to the article, it was found that the exhibition of “Urak Lavoj’s Way of Life” displayed by fish traps called “Boo Boo” could tell the audience a whole story of Urak Lavoj’s living through the period of time. Although the fish traps are normal and look useless, these cultural materials are regarded as the beginning point leading to the identity of Urak Lavoj about who they are and their living in modernity. Besides, these cultural materials create community empowerment among people in all ages who have together established this learning center with their full potential, effort, and creativity. Lastly, the authors aimed to find out if the exhibition should be displayed with collecting since each ethical group has their ways of life differently, and Urak Lavoj is not related to this culture unlike other groups of permanent residence.  


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Damrongsakul, W., & Sriwichian-aumphai, P. (2022). Useless Normality in Urak Lavoj Culture at Ban Sangka U, Krabi Province. THE​ LIBERAL​ ARTS​ JOURNAL, MAHIDOL​ UNIVERSITY​, 5(1), 52–90. Retrieved from