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  • Ranee Esichaikul
Keywords: tourists’ perceptions, tourists’ experiences, tourists’ behavioral intentions


The purpose of this research is to study tourists' perceptions and experiences toward sericulture tourist attractions in Khon Kaen Province. The sample included tourists and traveler obtained by using the Convenience Sampling method. The tools included semi-structured questionnaire. The study found that according to the overview of sericulture culture tourism potential development model in Khon Kaen Province in terms of tourists' perception and experiences, the hypotheses were tested and yielded the significance statistics at .05. It was found that activities and participation in the sericulture attraction, such as access to the sericulture source and the nature of activities and activities during the sericulture tour, were very important for tourists because they experienced new things, bought local products, revisited the sericulture community and recommended the tourist attractions to others.


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