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Journal of Architectural/Planning Research and Studies (JARS) is an online and open-access journal that examines the integrated science of the built environment in its broadest sense, including the multidisciplinary connections between structural, landscape, socio-economic, cultural, and engineered systems. JARS encourages both basic and applied research contributions from the academic community that reflect the essence of design thinking, research through designing, and planning principles in new and innovative ways to enhance sustainability, resilience, and community wellbeing. JARS also welcomes a research from professional, government, and non-government organizations, in the interests of promoting transdisciplinary dialog related to the built environment. The journal focuses on 4 primary fields, each of which has its own sub-fields.

           : Architecture

             Interior Architecture, History and Theory, Building Technology, and Management

           : Landscape Architecture

             Nature-Based Solution, Art and Cultural Landscape, and Inclusive Design

           : Spatial Planning and Development

             Integrated Approach for Planning, Urban and Regional Planning,  

             Transportation Planning, and Spatial Planning Technology Innovation

           : Design Related Issues

             Design Management and Research Implementation



JARS only accepts articles written in English. Submitted manuscripts shall be in the form of traditional research article, review article, and book review. Please select the appropriate article category when making a submission.

  1. Research Article

The research article should be rigorously well-researched, well organized, and clearly written. This article presents innovative research that makes a potentially significant and long-range contribution to research and practice in the given fields.

  1. Review Article

The review article may be systematic, semi-systematic, or integrative, and will present extensive overviews of the literature within JARS scope of fields. The review article allow scholars to analyze and evaluate literature of other experts in the given fields.

  1. Book Review

Book review will critically synthesize and assess a book published within the past five years, which is related to the JARS scope. The review must contain critical evaluation of the academic contribution of the book.


JARS is published bi-annually, Issue 1: January - June and Issue 2:  July - December 

Each issue is published in advance while in the working process.


Submitted manuscripts must be in English with proper grammar and correct spellings. It is highly recommended that the manuscripts is checked by a native English speaker before submission.


Since 2018, the journal have fully implemented an online platform and open access approach using ThaiJO and Online Journal System (OJS), which enables the research to be accessible for readers from all around the world.


JARS will apply the digital object identifier (DOI) by using CrossRef on the articles published in Volume 20(1) 2023 onwards. In addition, DOI by CrossRef shall also be used on all previously published articles accordingly. Benefits: (i) Richer metadata makes content useful and easier to find. (ii) Articles are distributing their metadata downstream, making it available to numerous systems and organizations that together help credit and cite the work, report impact of funding, track outcomes and activity. 


The journal is published by the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University, Thailand. The journal management is overseen by the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor-in-Chief, with support from the editorial board members and editorial staffs.


There is NO FEE OR CHARGE in any stage of publication process.


The JARS journal is entirely supported through funding provided by Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University. However, all decisions regarding review process are made entirely by the editorial board and are independent of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University. 


No advertising is done by the journal. From time to time, JARS may agree to consider publication of articles solicited by professional societies and submitted as part of their professional activities (e.g. conferences, workshops). These articles will follow the same review process as all other articles.


JARS was established in 2002, representing the field of Architecture and in addition to research articles and book reviews, included invited keynote presentations from important figures both nationally and internationally. One of these published presentations Architects from Political Perspective was delivered by Khun Abhisit Vejjajiva, the former Prime Minister of Thailand. By 2018, the journal fully implemented an online and open access approach using ThaiJO and Online Journal System (OJS). In 2022, JARS made a significant change by applying the digital object identifier (DOI) using CrossRef for all previously published articles as well as those newly submitted, thereby making them available to numerous systems and organizations. In 2023, JARS made further important shift by beginning published articles in English language only after publishing bilingually in both Thai (with English abstract) and English articles. Furthermore, the journal declared that all published articles are under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0) License. We now have an Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor-in-Chief, who are supported by an editorial board of 31 members, 16 of whom are international scholars. JARS looks forward to continuing its successful growth and support of research related to the integrated science of the built environment and becoming a preeminent outlet for scholars both in Thailand and throughout the world.





Vol. 21 No. 2 (2024): July - December (In Working Process)

The Journal of Architectural/Planning Research and Studies (JARS) is published bi-annually, 

        : Issue 1 January - June 

        : Issue 2 July - December 

ISSN (Print): 1905-2022  

ISSN (Online): 2773-8868

Published: 2023-12-28

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