Integrated Model of High Value Agricultural Extension of Local Administrative Organization in Pathum Thani Province

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Wanwipha Tailangka
Chot Bodeerat
Sornchai Taomitr


Agriculture is a crucial sector of the economy. Implementation of agricultural reform activities by creating high-value agriculture is therefore a primary focus. Collaboration and integration of efforts from all sectors are considered essential components. This research aimed to: 1) study the situation, problems, and characteristics of extension for high-value agriculture; 2) develop an integrated extension model for high-value agriculture; and 3) propose guidelines for implementing the integrated extension model for high-value agriculture. Quantitative data were collected from the management teams of local government organizations in Pathum Thani province, totaling 280 people. Qualitative data were collected from 24 key informants. The statistical methods used in the research include descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. AMOS software was employed to analyze SEM to test the relationships and consistency of the model. The results revealed the following:

1) Local government organizations in Pathum Thani province excelled the most in Extension high-value agriculture in terms of expanding irrigation systems, followed by land area adjustment, integrated production and marketing, implementing BCG guidelines for product value addition, fostering agricultural entrepreneurs, accessing big data in agriculture, Extension strong agricultural cooperatives, and developing biotechnology clusters, respectively.

2) The results of the fit indices showed that the model aligned well with observational data, with the goodness-of-fit statistics meeting the criteria, indicating structural model congruence, with chi-square = 980.145, chi-square/df = 2.841, p = 0.000, CFI = 0.945, IFI = 0.942, and RMSEA = 0.074.

3) Recommendations for model implementation included: agricultural zone protection; management of water, electricity, and lighting; creating a community market; registering occupational groups; promoting agricultural tourism attractions; studying tours of sustainable agriculture; organizing restoration and conservation activities; providing fire and disaster protections; and making a spatial database.

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Tailangka, W., Bodeerat, C., & Taomitr, S. (2024). Integrated Model of High Value Agricultural Extension of Local Administrative Organization in Pathum Thani Province. Journal of Arts Management, 8(1), 249–268. Retrieved from
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