The Adaptation of Buddhist art Motifs as Architectural Ornaments in Contemporary Buildings: the Case Study of Five-Star Hotel Lobbies in Chiang Mai

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Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rani


The purpose of this research is to explore how Buddhist art motifs can be integrated with the space decorations. Nowadays, applying Buddhist art motifs in decorating and enhancing the interior space has become a trend, involving the technique of “reproduced design”. The objective of this research is to have an overall view of the application of Buddhist art motifs as architectural ornaments in space decorations. The scope of this research focuses only on five-star hotels in Chiang Mai. Qualitative data, which involved direct observations at the site and in-depth interviews with certain individuals, was conducted. As well, quantitative data was collected from hotel users. The findings showed that Buddhist art motifs have been applied as decorative items, as guardians or protectors, to create a certain ambience and for aesthetic value. These Buddhist art motifs come in varying sizes and forms. Wood was identified as the preferred material, followed by iron, silver, paper, cloth, stucco and plastic. Lastly, all hotel users were impressed with the aesthetic factor created by the selection of Buddhist art motifs. Two hotels, namely, Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai and Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort Chiang Mai, have applied the highest number of Buddhist art motifs in their lobby space.


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