All articles submitted to be published in HASSS are processed in 4 steps as follows:

  1. Screening: The editor-in-chief, in consultation with other members of the editorial board, decides whether to accept the submitted manuscript for the reviewing process. The manuscript will be rejected at this stage if plagiarism is detected or the content does not reflect the journal’s aim and scope. The process lasts at least 2 weeks.

  2. Peer reviewing: A manuscript that has passed the screening stage must be blindly reviewed at least by two reviewers affiliated to different institutions from each other and from the author(s). The reviewers are selected by the Editor-in-Chief with the help of some other members of the editorial board. 

  3. Notification of the peer reviewing results: After receiving the results of the peer-reviewing, the author(s) will receive notification of the results together with any comments and suggestions made by the editor(s) and reviewers. There are four categories of results: Accept, Accept with Minor Revisions, Accept with Major Revisions, Reject. Only in the case of acceptance without condition will a manuscript be passed directly to the formatting and proof reading process. 

  4. Revision: After receiving the peer-review results and feedback from the journal, the author(s) of an article accepted on the condition of revision must revise the manuscript according to the attached comments and suggestions and send back the revised version with an explanation on the correction page. The author will be given 1 month to revise the manuscript. In the case of acceptance with major revisions, the revised article must be reviewed again by one or two reviewers upon the decision of the editorial team.
Please note that the Editorial Team has the right to decide in which issue the submitted manuscripts will be published. The decision is to be made upon the distribution of research topics as well as affiliation and country of the authors. The Letter of Acceptance issued will not give the date and issue of publication.