Packaging Design and Development Project of Dried Strawberries, Chiang Mai

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Sittaporn Pomkulasit


The purpose of this research is to design and develop the packaging of dried strawberry by Mae Baan Ka-Set-Ta-Korn (Agricultural Housewives) of Chang Kian Group, Chiang Mai Province, to be suitable for the product. The study is conducted by collecting all information of the requirements for the package. This information can be used as the direction for the design and development of the packaging. The tools used in the research are interview form for entrepreneurs, evaluation form on packaging suitability for experts, satisfaction assessment form for consumers in 4 dimensions, namely, utility, structure, material, and attraction. The data are processed for means (Mean: x̄) and standard deviations.

The results of the research show that the selected material is aluminum foil in the size of 12.5x5x19.5 cm. The graphic inside the package is the picture of strawberries and ingredients of the product. On the backside of the package, there shown details of the product and the address of the manufacturer. There are two types of packages, which are a jar with the dimensions of 26x9x17 cm, and a pack with the dimensions of 25.5x11.5x20 cm. The package is able to contain 6 pieces of products. The 350 gram art paper is used as forming material so that it is easy to form. Colorful graphic pictures are used, in order to make it eye-catching. The characters can be easily read, and the illustration should show the product or the picture of strawberries as well as ingredients applied on the front side of the package. On the backside, it shows details of the product and the address of the manufacturer.


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