“Phra Ruang Road” the Contemporary Sculpture Creation Acquiring the Persistence Reminiscence

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Sommai Ma-on


“Phra Ruang Road, the Creation of Contemporary Sculpture with the Extension of the Reminiscence from the Past” Project aims to study and analyze on the relationship between the history of Phra Ruang Road and the contemporary social contexts of outstanding local communities en route, before creating one set (at least five sculptures) of contemporary sculptures; and finally, the creative sculptures are shown to the public. The process has started with the research from related documents, along with both survey on the Road, starting from the Southern of Sukhothai Historical Park, Sukhothai Province, on the way down to Phran Kratai District, Kamphaeng Phet Province, and the interviews with local people in the research area. The results concerning the first objective has led to the creation procedure and art work presentation.

The process of the creation of work concurs with second objective because it has been connected with the selected research area, or Thungluang Ceramic Community, Khiri Mat District, Sukhothai Province. The area has been linked to the reminiscence and imagination of mine, the researcher’s, by Phra Ruang Road, which is the fasten route for social and economic purposes between the local people of Phran Kratai District (my hometown) and Thungluang Ceramic Community. Today, it still exists and shines in their minds. This inspiration is directed to the content, form, and style to be used in the creation procedure through the selected material and ceramic technique of Bann Thungluang, combined with other sculptural techniques. Lastly, there are completed eight pieces of single sculptures and the set of 300 terracotta pieces.

These works are presented in an exhibition entitled “Reminiscence” at Toot Yung Art Center, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province, with the cooperation by a French curator, named Myrtille Tibayrenc on April 6th to July 27th, 2019. In addition, art works are widely spread because they have been published both online and in papers in Thai, English, and French languages. In conclusion, this project has been complete and success by achieving the three objectives.


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