An Analysis of Characteristics of the Principal Melodies of Cherd-jeen


  • Waraporn Cherdchoo Faculty of Humanities, Naresuan University


Cherd-jeen, characteristic, analysis, Phra Praditpairoh, Thai traditional music


          An analysis of characteristics of the principal melodies of Cherd-jeen is part of my research titled Cherd-jeen: form, identity, and concept of composition, whose aim was set to analyse character of the composition by selective approach the four versions held by four different key masters.
          As the results shown, the existing principal melodies of Cherd-jeen are transmitted from the great masters, namely, 1) Luang Bamrungchitcharoen (Thup Sattanawilai) and Phra Pranitworasap (Khian Worawathin) 2) Luang Praditphairoh (Son Silapabanleng) 3) Son Wongkhong and 4) Changwang Thua Phatthayakosol.
          Nineteen analytical matters found are categorized into two main groups. One carries the characteristics achieved by making use of specific yon, lueam, a specific practice as interpolation in common melody, specific intervallic dyads and group of notes, thon, structural form of melody, and the number of melodic movements (thon). The other, found in all four versions, is a communal melody, i.e., hand pattern for common melody, omitting of some notes in taking place in early part of Movement 2, emphasizing of luktok with octave dyads, a specific form of thon with sap technique, and a melodic form of sustained notes by means of luk ten technique.


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