• VASSAKAROK KAEWLOY Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Khon Kaen University
Keywords: The Band of Bang Khun Phrom Palace, Gramophone Records, Sound Recording


           The main objectives of the study include: 1. to study history and other related contexts in the recording of the band of Bang Khun Phrom palace from gramophone records, 2. to study significant musical characteristics of the band of Bang Khun Phrom palace and 3. to provide descriptive explanation regarding musical phenomenon in relation to the band of Bang Khun Phrom palace. The research findings show that the first recording of Wang Bang Khun Phrom Music Ensemble was recorded by Parlophon brand in 1926-1929; the records were labeled in maroon, green, and blue. In 1929, the recording was done by Columbia brand in green label. The singing was supervised by Mom Jareon, whereas the music band, comprising of 28 musicians, was supervised by Jang Wang Tua Pattayakosol. In total, 80 songs were recorded; most of which, 23 songs to be exact, were Phleng Tab genre. The study of some virtuosic features show that word adding, word deduction, and word alteration were found in the lyrics. The most outstanding  singing structure was “Loog-tog” (the final note in each musical phrase) leading to the  nonconformity of word pronunciation to the Thai intonation principle. Music structure and  melodic variation followed Wang Bang Khun Phrom and Pattayakosol musical schools. Data  synthesis from discography and discology reflected some musical phenomenon derived from the study of recordings–knowledge in lyrics, network of musicians, and the glorious days of Wang Bang Khun Phrom Music Ensemble.


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