Technology Tools for Songwriter and Composer


  • Sit Kesjamras School of Music, Assumption University


Music Composition, Music Software, Songwriting, Music Techonology


          The objective and methodology of the study were to explore, experiment the usage, and study the limitation of each type of music software and to produce short musical passages from each type of music software. Experimentally, the tools and techniques of music producing were summarized and presented in this research. Virtual instruments, Plug-in, and MIDI sequencing techniques to produce realistic sounds were also being introduced.

          The research presented a brief summary of producing music using music software. Using technology in music, the songwriter and composer can reduce the cost when producing music. There are three types of music software classified by the main usage of each type: a notation software, virtual studio software, and digital audio workstation. A notation software is to produce music scores. A virtual studio software is to produce backing tracks for various usages. A digital audio workstation is to record, edit, and mix the music.




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