Development of Procedure of Front Office Staff Service for Revisits of Guests: A Case Study of four-Star Hotels in Chonburi Province


  • Benjamaporn Chumnanchar Faculty of liberal-arts, Southeast Bangkok College
  • Patima Rungruang Faculty of accounting and management science, Southeast Bangkok College
  • Sophitda Nakwijit Southeast Bangkok College


Procedure of Service, Front Office Staff, Revisits of Guests


The objectives of the study were 1) to study demographic profile and behavior of guest 2) to study level of guest cycle of front office and revisits of guests 3) to study the demographic profile and behavior affected the guest cycle of front office 4) to study the relation of guest cycle of front office and revisits of guests in four-star hotels in Chonburi province. This study was conducted in quantitative approaches. Data were collected through questionnaires. The samples were 400 Thai guests who stayed in four-star hotels in Chonburi province. The Statistical was used to analyze variables with descriptive Statistics such as frequency distribution, percentage calculation and standard deviation of variables. Also, inferential statistics were used to test the research hypotheses with Independent Sample t-test, One-way ANOVA (F-test) and Multiple Regression Analysis.

The results showed that the comments on the guest cycle of front office a high level and the revisit of guests was at a high level. Hypothesis testing, it was found that occupation, period of times to stay the hotel and the purposes of stay has statistically significant difference a .05 level.  The guest cycle of front office, especially pre-arrival and departure had an influence revisit of guests at a statistical significance of .05 level.


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