About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Business Administration, The Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand covers a wide range of contents in the management of either macro or micro in the following related fields:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance and banking
  • Operation and technology management
  • Property management
  • Human resource and organizational management
  • International business
  • Supply chains and logistics management
  • General management
  • Tourism, hotel and hospitality management
  • Information technology management,
  • Economics
  • Business computer
  • Other Related Fields of Studies 

Articles published in the Journal of Business Administration Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand has never been published and under consideration in other journals. The plagiarism and piracy are responsibility of the manuscript submitter directly.


Peer Review Process

The article published in (Journal of Business Administration, The Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand) must be considered by the 3 qualified peer reviews (double-blind review) in the relevant field starting from October 1, 2022 onwards.

Publication Policy

  1. Manuscript submitted must be either academic or research article, which may be written in Thai or English.
  2. Manuscript must be prepared based on the format of APHEIT Journal of Business Administration and approved by professionals in that field or relevant field. Manuscript must be the original contributions of the author(s), which has not been published or in the process of consideration by other journals or conferences including not violating or reproducing other works. If the manuscript is found to be submitted or published elsewhere, it will be considered as “self-plagiarism” by the editorial board of the journal. The publication will be suspended, where the issue will be reported to the author's affiliation.
  3. Article, statements, figures, and tables in the journal are all subject to authors’ own opinions and responsibility.
  4. To be published, the manuscript must be approved by at least three professionals in the field or related in double-blind peer reviewed process. Both author(s) and professional(s) will not know each other's name. To be published, the article needs 2 out of 3 approvals from the professionals.
  5. The editorial board reserves all the rights in any amendment such as name, surname, and affiliates of the author after issuing the acceptance letter.
  6. The editorial board reserves all the rights to consider and accept any articles to be published in the journal.

Publication Frequency

Two issues are published a year.

  • Issue 1 January - June
  • Issue 2  July - December

Membership Fee

  1. Institution member fee per year = 5,000 Baht 
  2. Individual member fee per year = 400 Baht 

Publication Fee

For Membership Subscription

1.1. Affiliation Member: 5,000 Baht a year, publication fee: 4,500 Baht per article

1.2 Individual Member: 400 Baht a year, publication fee: 6,000 Baht per article

For Non-Membership Subscription

6,000 Baht for any article submission for consideration

The authors have to pay for the publication fee after their articles have been initially approved by the editorial board.


  1. Payment of manuscript submission does not guarantee that your manuscript will be published in the journal. Prior to the publication, manuscript must pass the blind peer-review process and be considered by at least 2 professionals in that field or relevant field and by editorial board. Therefore, the results of the consideration will be informed to the author(s) whether a reviewer has approved the manuscript to publish or not.
  2. Please be informed that there is no refund policy to the author (s) in case the manuscript is rejected as the processing cost has occurred when the manuscript is reviewed by the professionals.

***The editorial board reserves all rights to refund any fee to the author***

Open Access Policy

The Journal offers open access publishing as optional via the journal website in order to make the article accessible to all reserchers and academia as well as to promote a knowledge exchange globally.


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