A Causal Relationship Model of Person-Job Fit and Job Satisfaction Affecting the Job Performance of Convenience Store Employees


  • Prasittachai Dechkham Faculty of Business Management and Technology, Lampang Inter-tech College


Person-job fit, Satisfaction, Job performance, Causal factors and effect


This research aim to 1) Study the person-job fit, job satisfaction and job performance of convenience Store Employees. 2) Study the influence of personal-job fit on job performance and job satisfaction as intermediate variables. The study used survey data from 200 convenience store employees in Bangkok.

The results showed that most of the samples were female, the average age was 26.32 years, the lowest age was 19 and the maximum was 45. Most of them have a degree in vocational education. and most of them have monthly income at 10,000-20,000 baht. The hypothesis testing revealed that the person-job fit had a direct influence on job satisfaction with a coefficient of influence of 0.84 and an indirect influence on job performance with a coefficient of influence equal to 0.50. And job satisfaction had a direct influence on job performance with a coefficient of influence of 0.59.

Author Biography

Prasittachai Dechkham, Faculty of Business Management and Technology, Lampang Inter-tech College



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