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Aree Lapwongraj


The purpose of this research was to study the opinion of French tourists on Thai restaurant management. The sample consisted of 400 French tourists using Convenience Sampling method. The data from two-hundred tourists were directly collected. And The data from the other two-hundred ones were from online collection. The research tool was a 5-level rating scale questionnaire. Statistics used were mean, and standard deviation. The findings showed that French tourists focused on the following points: 1) product aspect: it should be of good quality, fresh and clean.; 2) price aspect: price should be clearly stated on the menu.; 3) place aspect, it should be located in a safe place.; 4) promotion aspect: restaurant should offer weekly or monthly special food items for promotional purposes advertised on the websites that provide information about different types of restaurants with location information.; 5) people aspect: restaurant employees should be smiling, courteous, welcoming and ready to serve.; 6) physical evidence / environment and presentation, cleanliness should be highly concerned.; and 7) process aspect: there should be fast, accurate, various payment channels available for customers.  


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Lapwongraj , A. (2022). FRENCH TOURISTS’ OPINION ON THAI RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT. RMUTK Journal of Liberal Arts, 4(1), 1–12. Retrieved from
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