“To guide the juveniles to see an instance” : Didactic Strategies of Phra Non Khamluang


  • Chatutham Saelee Silpakorn University
  • Pattama Theekaprasertkul Faculty of Art, Silpakorn University


Didactic Stratagems, Phra Non Khamluang, King Rama VI


The objective of this study is to examine the didactic stratagems of Phra Non Khamluang using literary conceptual framework, and to investigate the relationship between these didactic strategies and the social context in which the book was written. The findings indicates that the didactic strategies of Phra Non Khamluang are divided into 2 forms as follows: the royal initiative didactic strategies, containing the pursuit of knowledge, judgment about the activity of receiving the news itself, promotion of Buddhism as a way of living and teaching it’s principles, and; the didactic strategies conveyed through the characters’ behavior and characteristics, i.e, showing forgiveness, enduring adversity, learning the consequences of gambling, and demonstrating intellectual problem solving. The didactic strategies of Phra Non Khamluang contribute to communicating royal initiatives and supporting His Majesty the King in 3 ways, namely promoting the royal initiative in education, promoting the royal initiative for the abolition of gambling, and enhancing the desirable attributes of citizens. The role of the didactic strategies illustrates that, in addition to being an entertaining fairy tale and literature for children, Phra Non Khamluang may also act as a major mechanism for the widespread dissemination of royal initiatives and the royal policy among the people.


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