Learning Print Media in the Art Museums for Youth


  • Methawee Kittiapornphol บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยศิลปากร


Educational Management in Museums, Art Museums, Learning Media, Youth


The education in the context of Thailand art museums or art galleries has remained problematic in various aspects, especially the target group of the youth. The prior experience of visiting foreign museums demonstrated the widespread production of printed media that can be easily accessible. This article aims to examine and analyze the types of the appropriate publications in the art museums for youth. In this study, documents and the examples of print medias in different areas were examined; 1) educational management in art museums or galleries in Thailand context, 2) learning print media for children in art museums and samples, 3) recommendations provided by international museum curators, 4) the essence of art learning standard, and lastly, 5) traits and behaviors of the children in the museums. The results were as follows; learning print media in the art museums for youth should be improved with respect to the following matters, 1) practicality and a trial use with respect to the situations, educating persons who possess no basic knowledge of arts and the trial use should be given, 2) content, raising question and activities should be relevant to the visual arts subject in the school context or as required by the Ministry of Education. In addition, a variety of questions should be applied, including deductive questioning, and 3) the media development as whole, the language used should be precise and appropriate for the age range of the target youth, and the overall description should correspond to the actual use.



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