The Creation of Contemporary Performance “HERN”


  • Wanasak Padungsestakit 034271379


Contemporary Performance, Ging Ga Rah


This research was creatively and qualitatively conducted on creation of the modern performance of “Hern” for the purposes of testing and creating the modern
performance inspired from movement of Nok Ging Ga Rah Dancing. In addition,
this research focuses on studying and analyzing the method of creating the movement in the performance by using gestures of Nok Ging Ga Rah Dancing applied
to a dancer’s skills in order to contemporarily convey to audiences. The researcher used the following tools: the researched documents, the interview of people
related to creation of success, the researcher’s experience in participating as a
performer, the participation in seminars, the survey of field data, as well as the
presentation of success to public in May 2017 and the research findings.
After completion of this research, the researcher revealed that to create the modern success applied from Nok Ging Ga Rah Dancing was considered the beginning
point. It made the researcher, dancers, fiddlers and local musicians interpret and
use their specific skills to perform on their own roles and responsibilities, as well as
supporting the performance to express feeling and emotion of players to audiences. However, the fact that this modern creation differentiated from the previous
one was not considered ruining the original performance, but the researcher just
needed to find improving and applying local wisdom to exist in this modern world.



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