The Appearance of Defense Instinct


  • Kranyod Kawprie คณะศิลปวิจิตร สถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนศิลป์


Instinct, Defense, Danger, Fear, Sculpture


The purpose of this study is to analyze and compare the works of artists which express in forms of defense instinct, the first instinct of creatures to protect themselves from any danger in lives. Creatures need to evolve in order to adapt to environments. Therefore, they create a strong and rigid layer to cover them which is not different from the outer skeleton. The viewers may think this quality is fearful or formidable. However, the researcher sees that creatures need to protect themselves and survive in their food chain, a linear sequence of organisms, as the phrase “the fittest survive and the weak is the victim.” The data of this study was acquired through textbooks, academic papers, articles, books, and other media. Moreover, the field data collection about hard-shell animals has been conducted and a lot of data was gained allowing the researcher to understand the outer structures of the target animals. The researcher also studied about artists who successfully expressed the idea or forms of Defense Instinct in various media. The result of this study shows the specific physical character, which is the shell to protect one’s self, and the interesting evolution of creatures. This specific form does not only make the attacker fear its owner but it also makes us realize the value of life and we should respect others’ lives so we will live peacefully in the society without causing harms or being a danger to others



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