Shades of Southern Multicultural Society


  • Jirarot Sriyaphan คณะจิตรกรรมประติมากรรมและภาพพิมพ์


Southern Shades, Colors, Southern Muticulture, Batik art


The hypothesis of this research was that the fine art in one society is based on its natural resources and its inhabitants’ way of life. Forms and colors are generated from these bases because artists naturally perceive and experience them in their daily lives.  The research process covered data collecting from the real environment including objects in daily life such as food, outfit, local performing art, e.g., Manorah, means of transports, e.g., Kolek Boat and truck of the vehicle, architecture and mural painting. The collected data were analyzed to create the scientific color composition which associated with the cultural diversity of the south: Chinese heritage, Buddhism, and Islamism. The research has found that the southern culture is multicultural. Hence, the diverse color compositions in outfits are presented such as vivid colors with low-vibrant colors, vivid colors with the glowing gold leaf and the pastel shades of stucco. Living in the land of multiculturalism initiates the collaborations which are hard to define the boundaries. This finding may inspire the initiation of researches about colors in other cultures.



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