Social Media Marketing Communication Strategies in Television Programs

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บุญณัฐ ฉัตรเสาวภัณฑ์
วรัชญ์ ครุจิต


With the fierce competition of Thai television industry in the present, both from many of the new television stations or changing audience behaviors, the television program producers need to find a new way to communicate their TV shows, especially via social media. The use of this media is growing every year. But social media marketing communications strategies in television programs are different from other social media marketing communications. The television program producers or television station must have the right strategy to increase audience’s awareness and related conversations to create successful of television programs.

The study found that marketing communications strategy through social media for television programs comprised of 6 stages: 1) closely coordinating among television program producers, production team, and official social media team; 2) creating content on social media to support the programs; 3) leveraging impact of influencers; 4) building communities of the television programs’ audience; 5) emergence of user-generated content; and 6) listening to audience’s opinions. Success of each step is defined by distinct measures.

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