Procedure of Cultural production: Case Study of Database of Inscription in Thailand

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นภดล พิมสาร
พรพรรณ ประจักษ์เนตร


The study on the procedure of cultural production: case study of database of inscription in Thailand aims to 1) investigate the procedure of cultural production through the case study of database of inscription in Thailand and 2) explore learning procedure of users of database of inscription in Thailand.

            This study applied qualitative approach in which the researcher classified data collection method into 2 stages. The first is an in-depth interview with persons involving in database of inscription in Thailand including university professors, academic and users. The second is data collection from documents and websites.

            Findings from the research suggest that: 

  1. Procedure of cultural production involved the operation relating to the inscription ranging from the survey on existing registration, the survey after being reported, and the survey in neighboring provinces. After that officer would evaluate and select the copying method suitable for the inscription and then register the inscription. The following process was the selection of inscription for reading and translating and transcribing by the expert for approval by the meeting before publishing as a book.

  2. Users of database of inscription in Thailand revealed self-learning pattern under which the self-learner shall control oneself with advice from instructor. Self-learning was applied to memorizing, applying and analyzing level, respectively. At memorizing level, user could best remember character patterns. At applying level, user could best apply knowledge from database of inscription in Thailand to inscription study class. At the analyzing level, user could share and exchange knowledge with students and data from database of inscription in Thailand could be used for analyzing era system and character comparison to indicate the age of antiques.

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