An Intelligent Academic Advisor Chatbot Model

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Wanwipa Titthasiri
Areerat Songsakulwattana
Natthawat Suwannawat


This article aimed to (1) propose a pilot study of an intelligent academic advisor chat bot for Computer Science undergraduate students at Rangsit University; (2) increase the efficiency of giving advice to students through an intelligent automatic conversation system; and (3) bring artificial intelligence technology to support educational administration. This chatbot system provides effective advice in all aspects, including academic, social, and all-routine living life, for students as a human advisor. The research methodology was developmental research, composed of two parts. The first part was to develop a system of intelligent advisor chatbots and web applications for managing databases. Dialog flow, line developers, and Firebase were used as tools in this pilot system development. The second part was designed to evaluate the system’s performance. The proposed prototype of an academic intelligent advisor chatbot system was tested with 405 target computer science students. Responses were collected from 201 samples, based on Yamene. The research results were found as follows: (1) The system could give natural responses like human advice to all students in the Computer Science department at Rangsit University. (2) The students reported satisfaction, speed, and effectiveness of usage. (3) This system was developed under the technology of artificial intelligence to support academic administration—as an academic advisor in particular. The researchers believed that this proposed prototype of an academic intelligence advisor chatbot would actually be usable in determining the best way to provide efficiency and effective academic advice for students and for a wide range of usage in future studies.

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Titthasiri, W., Songsakulwattana, A., & Suwannawat, N. (2024). An Intelligent Academic Advisor Chatbot Model. Journal of Arts Management, 8(1), 38–56. Retrieved from
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