A Study of the Performance of Certified Thai Accounting Practices

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Wichuta Nakthuan
Pisamai Jarujittipant
Kietchai Veerayannon


This research aimed to study: 1) the current performance of Certified Thai Accounting Practices; 2) the financial ratios of Certified Thai Accounting Practices; and 3) the certification period that affects the rate of return on shareholders' equity. The study utilized mixed research that analyzed secondary data, financial statement information from 166 offices, and the opinions of 20 accounting experts. The tools employed for data collection were recordings and in-depth interviews. The data on the characteristics of accounting offices was analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency and percentage values. Financial ratios from financial statements for the past 3 years were also analyzed, as well as the relationship between financial ratios and the amount of registered capital using multiple regression analysis.

The research results were found as follows: 1) The Certified Thai Accounting Practices are established as companies, small businesses, registered capital 500,000 - 1,000,000 baths, certification period of 6 – 10 years, and certified by other standards; 2) The Certified Thai Accounting Practices have consistently improved profitability and overall operational efficiency ratios, the overall liquidity of the business has improved, but it is still not continuous because there is a risk of liquidity and debt repayment; and 3) The certification period affects the rate of return on equity statistically significant at the .01 level and the quality certification period has a positive relationship with the rate of return on equity.

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Nakthuan, W., Jarujittipant, P., & Veerayannon, K. (2023). A Study of the Performance of Certified Thai Accounting Practices. Journal of Arts Management, 7(4), 1644–1662. Retrieved from https://so02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jam/article/view/266455
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