Dispute Law Model: Implications from the Implementation of Law on Kratom in Malaysia

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Mohamad Sukor Abdul Karim
Ismail Baba
Fuziah Shaffie


Kratomthat known as Ketum or Biak are plants found in abundance in the northern states of the Peninsular Malaysia especially in Kedah. Government has gazetted Kratom into the Poisons Act 1952 in 2003 due to the abuse of Kratom. Yet, the Act appears to be insubstantial. Consequently, the government declare the kratom stakeholders of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952. This article reveals the light kratom stakeholders the mean of the reasonableness of the government's move. A total of twenty respondents were interviewed and a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was implemented. The results of the interviews and group discussions showed that the majority appears toagree that government should not implement the law on Kratomas traditional herbal medicinein energy recuperating, remedy for diseases like diabetes, hypertension and hemorrhoids.Utilizing the Law Model, the findings show that majority are disagreed with the government's act to ban kratom in Malaysia. Hence, implementation of the government on this Act might trigger the stakeholders in opposing the BarisanNasional in the next general election.


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