Virtual production: Interactive and real-time technology for filmmakers

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Panas Chanpum


Over the last decade, virtual production technology has been used in several high-end films, television, and video game productions. Virtual motion pictures and three-dimensional animated previsualization are transforming the film and television industries, and virtual production is increasingly being used in the film industry, visual effects, and game studios. With the technology, filmmakers and their teams can create higher-quality material more quickly and affordably and can now plan and create films in real-time. As a result, individuals may help conceptualise and convey their creative ideas more effectively during the early stages of the filmmaking process. The traditional script-to-screen method is being abandoned for quick iteration and instant feedback, and this novel technology also enables real-time visual interaction between users and a virtual environment. As virtual elements gradually supplant actual props in filmmaking, users can now interact with virtual set extensions and live-action footage. Although this technology has grown in popularity, little has been done to document the various ways of incorporating it into production. This study investigates the components of virtual production to describe the relationship between traditional computer-generated imagery (CGI) and the filmmaking process, the use of the virtual production technique to reduce the limitations of filmmaking, the components of virtual production technology, current advances in virtual production filmmaking and the advantages and disadvantages of virtual technologies; it also identifies distinctions between virtual and traditional filmmaking processes, all to improve the understanding of possible techniques for assisting producers and directors in shifting to this new filmmaking method. The conclusion of this review will show the characteristics of virtual production and its impact on the film industry and demonstrate the relevance and rationality of virtual technologies used today and in the future.


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