Design and Development of Products from Reed Mats of Ban Phaeng Agricultural Housewife Professional Rehabilitation Group

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Suebsiri Saelee


This research aims to study the context, concepts, evidence of wisdom as well as the management of reed mats of Ban Phaeng Agricultural Housewives Rehabilitation Group (BPG), Phaeng Sub-district, Kosum Phisai District, as it also developed the local wisdom by designing the reed mats with geometric shapes to represent the community’s identity of BPG. The final aim assesses the satisfaction of the distributors and consumers towards the product from the reed mat material. The key findings after conducting the research are as follows: 1)  the product design from Ban Phaeng reed mats present local characteristics; the reed mats work that has been summarized in the form of endemic products; the community needs the form of products in the area of design, create draft, to be developed into 4 types; regarding the evaluation result of 2 product design, the experts found that the 4th pattern, 9-compartment hanging storage from reed mats, had the highest level of opinions, followed by the 1st pattern, the closet product from the reed mats and the 3rd pattern, 4 compartment hanging storage from the reed mat had the same level of opinions. In part of the evaluation results from a group of 50 product makers and distributors, it was obtained from the sample group selected by purposive sampling and their attitude toward the product forms using local pattern reed mat material designed. When evaluated using the 5 product design principles, it was found that overall satisfaction of both product makers and distributors is at the highest level when considering each aspect. However, it is found that the dealers have the highest level of satisfaction for Usability, Beauty and Local Characteristics and Convenience in Use respectively, followed by Durability and Delivery rated with high level of satisfaction. They also showed the highest satisfaction for all aspects including Durability, Delivery, and Convenience in Use. Beauty, Local Identity and Usability respectively.


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