Internal Communications Management: A Case Study of Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited Head Office and Branches in Three Southern Border Provinces of Thailand

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Porntikan Promphet


The research was to study the relationship between internal communications and the efficiency of staff operations in three southern border provinces of Thailand, namely Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat. The sample consisted of 150 staff members from branches in the aforementioned provinces using multi-stage sampling method. Questionnaires were taken with the sample group and statistical information was gathered, including percentage, mean, standard deviation, and Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient. The sample subjects were mostly female, aged between 21-30 years, had 1-5 years of working experience, had bachelor degrees, had an average monthly income of 20,000 - 30,000 baht, and worked as customer services officers. The data means showed that the staff strongly agreed about the importance of cooperation and teamwork-related behaviors. The participants considered operational efficiency to be the most important factor, followed by operational achievement, time management, and statement of expenditure, respectively. The internal communications management in a vertical direction had a moderate relationship with staff operation efficiency, with a statistical significance of 0.05. Moreover, the internal communications management in a horizontal direction had a strong relationship with staff operation efficiency, with a statistical significance of 0.05.

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