The Research and Development of Tie-dyed Handicraft Products From Krabi Province for the Designing of Ko Klang Community’s Contemporary Souvenirs, Leading Krabi Province to Creative City

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Khanin Phriwanrat


The main objective of this research was to study the techniques and processes of tie-dyed cloths in order to apply those techniques and processes to souvenirs made by tie-dyed cloths from Krabi Province. The study started from collecting area data, tourism data, techniques and processes of tie-dyed cloths from villager groups in Krabi Province. The data were analyzed and used in the designing of Krabi Province’s contemporary souvenirs. In addition, the data were disseminated to the local and communities in Krabi Province. According to the study results, the tie-dyed cloth-making of Baan Koh Klang was considered local handicraft created from villagers’ experiences through the learning of natural resources available in the community for beneficial usage. The tie-dyed cloths have artistic values and beauty. The tie-dyed cloths’ background is created from the use of simple materials and processes. They have locally unique styles, especially in their natural dye colors obtained from the community. The making of tie-dyed cloths, in Baan Koh Klang, can be extended in terms of knowledge and can be turned  into a creative activity. This can create benefits for communities, society and economic values. The researcher has explored the guidelines of souvenir design by adopting principles and processes utilized by the Baan Koh Klang’s villagers in order to create a “zero-impact” effect on the community’s way of life and tourism pattern. Identities, landmarks and fonts were used to identify Koh Klang.


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