Administrative Strategies for Enhancing PLC of School Administrators under Primary Educational Service Area

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Haruathai Boonpradab
Yongyouth Yaboonthong
Choocheep Puthaprasert
Tharn Thongngok


The objective of this research was to study the administrative strategies for enhancing professional learning community (PLC) of school administrators under Primary Educational Service Area. The research was divided into four steps: 1) to study the components for enhancing PLC
of school administrators, instruments used in an interview form and a questionnaire, a target group of 17 experts, analyzing the median calculation and interquartile ranges; 2 to study problems and factors supporting the success, instruments used were a questionnaire and an interview form, data were analyzed by mean, standard deviation, and descriptive analysis; 3) to create and verify by workshop with AIC techniques of 31 experts, and to verify the suitability, feasibility, and benefits of the questionnaire; and 4) to study the results of implementation by using PAOR, instruments used were the meeting agenda/issues the report, and the observation, data were analyzed by the descriptive analysis. The results were: 1) the components consisted of five components: knowledge, supporting factors, leadership, friendship, and collaborative network; 2) the problems and factors supporting the success indicated that the knowledge was at the highest level, followed by supporting factors, friendship, leadership, and collaborative network were at a high level; five problems were factors supporting the success of policy and practice; 3) the administrative strategies consisted of vision, mission, goals, strategy, measures, indicators, achievements and projects; the results of verifying the suitability and feasibility were at the highest level, the benefits were at a high level; 4) the results of implementation revealed that the successful level of the operational results was overall at the highest level.


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