Management Strategy for Maintaining Education Quality of Small-sized Schools with Evaluative Results below Standard of Basic Education in Chiang Mai Primary Service Area 4

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Amornrat Paungtong


This research was to study the current state, guidelines for solving problems, and factors facilitating the success at an organizational level of the administrative strategy for education to determine quality development of small-sized schools in Chiang Mai. The data obtained was used to develop and validate the strategies and handbook to study the effect of using the strategies and handbook on developing quality of small-sized schools whose evaluative results were lower than the standard of basic education in Chiang Mai Primary Education Service Area 4. The findings reveal that the management strategy, in general, was at a moderate level. The issue obtaining the highest mean was the analysis of the organization’s environment. The crucial problem found that the teachers and concerned individuals lacked participation and the personnel had minimal knowledge and understanding of the management strategy. The approach to solve the problems was to provide opportunities for relevant personnel to participate and enhance knowledge and understanding of the management strategy. The success factors with the highest mean included the schools who realized the significance of, and carried out the management strategy by having every concerned side participate and, the administrators who understand the concept and principle of management strategy. The management strategy was developed using the process of analysing environmental factors, and creating, applying monitoring, and evaluating the strategy. Included strategies for building cooperative networks, personnel capacity development, reforming the learner’s learning, and, public relations. It was found that the strategy and handbook had utility, propriety, and feasibility at most levels. The administrators and teachers had higher understanding about management strategy and could create the strategy for maintaining education quality satisfying the basic education standards. The operation of the projects/activities had achieved the goals set and the concerned individuals were satisfied with the strategy and handbook at most levels.


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