National Reconciliation Strengthening Strategies (2020-2022)

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Chatchai Mahakeeta
Apasiri Suwannanon


The National Reconciliation Strategies (2020-2022) is an important way to strengthen reconciliation in Thai society. The operation was prepared by the Office of the National Reconciliation Commission. It covers all sectors of society consisting of 6 as followings: 1) Raising awareness for people and young people to be aware of social equality 2) Promoting the concept of corporate culture reform of both public and private sectors in accordance with the principles of good governance3) Creating and promoting social power groups for the entire people. Youth, media, public and private organizations in Civil State model4) Promote and cultivate people to use peaceful conflict resolution in the community and society 5) Developing the operational authorities to review, improve and develop the effectiveness of law enforcement while promoting the preparation of conflict database system 6) Developing the work of local agencies to be strong and to solve the conflicts in the community effectively.


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