History of the Bhra Dhad Bha Nom in its legend should start at BE 1 or BE 8

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The aim of this article is to analyses the age of the Phra That Phanom construction by using the evidences of establishing the Phra That in the Lanna and Lan Chang kingdom. It is discovered that the Bhra Urungka Dhad in the Uop Mung on the Bhu Kampra on the Suvannabhumi land was built in BE 1 before the Buddhism’s primary sorting out had happened, the president at that time was Bhra Mahagussapa. After that in BE 8, there was Phra-In as the president of decorating Uop Mung. In BE 200, Phra That Phanom Pagoda was built and the president at this time were Bhraya Sumiddhammawongsa and King Wongsrikoddhabunr of Marukkhanakorn State.

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sirisak apisakmontree

นิสิตพุทธศาสตรดุษฎีัณฑิต มหาวิทยาลัย มหาจุฬาลงกรณราชวิทยาลัย วิทยาเขตเชียงใหม่


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