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Music Industry, Music Business, Digital Era


           The music industry cannot be overlooked as it influences to drive and affect the change of music evolution in each period. It is also an important factor that creating the changes to entrepreneurs, music marketers, artists and music that had always been adapted to the consumer context and society at all times.

           This article, the author wishes to present that technology and consumers are another important part that always have a big impact on the music business to develop significantly. As time goes by, the social and economic environment moves forward. Each target consumer groups can influence the music industry. They can create change that will stimulate the music people to keep up to date with trends and society.  These changes require people in music industry must pay a lot of effort on their work because they were expected to create and deliver the works that always meet with the consumers’ need. Especially, in term of business return and digital disruption, these two things become the critical factor for the music business in order to response with the market and generating revenue. To survive with the new era, the music business entrepreneurs must find the right way to cope up with the new rival issues and change. Entrepreneurs have to find the new trend and the wave of talented artists, technology, and marketing methods to promote their own business. And keep up with the world trend and ready to compete with today's market to be able to effectively distribute the music to the wider society.


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