The Evolution of Trumpet before the Common Era


  • Pornsawan Chantawong Humanities and Social Sciences, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
  • Nanthakorn Ponglertwut Humanities and Social Sciences, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University


Evolution, Trumpet, Before the Common Era, Ancient Instruments


          Trumpet was originated from the eastern part of the world with evidence showing that trumpet was a part of culture of many ancient civilizations. In the past, trumpet was created from materials that could easily be found in the nature. The trumpet has been gradually developed in terms of its shape, characteristics and materials used to create. It could also be seen that the culture of the trumpet has been brought to Europe at a time when Roman civilization was expanding their political power and empire.with respect to its role before pre-modern times, the trumpet was created mainly to expand the scope of communication, especially in military. That is to say, in ancient times, the trumpet is known as a sound amplification device rather than a musical instrument like today. Nevertheless, trumpet had also been used for other occasions, such as religious rituals, funerals, and festivities.


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