Love, Obsession, Revenge (LOR) as a Bridge between Cultural Diversity: The Case Study of Thai and Canadian Cultures


  • Nawarit Rittiyotee Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University
  • Vijjuta Vudhaditya Chulalongkorn University


Lilit Pra Lor, Cultural diversity, Management system, Stage performance


          Cultural diversity is a basic understanding for management system, especially performing arts. Further to drive success and effectiveness in management system, understanding in
cultural diversity encourage people for aesthetic understanding and learning. This research
deployed grounded-theory methodology to study the “Love, Obsession, Revenge” adapted from “Lilit Pra Lor” a Thai dance as a bridge to fill the cultural gap between Thai and Canadian cultures. Experiential evidences under a project so-called The “Love, Obsession, Revenge” Thai dance collaborated by the Department of Performing Arts, Bangkok University and the Embassy of
Canada and performed at the Simon Fraser & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, Simon Fraser University, Canada was applied. The results of the study revealed that “Love, Obsession,
Revenge” was a good performing platform to bridge the cultural gaps between Thailand and Canada. However, there were some cultural adaptations in production, language, working context, professionalism, and business opportunity. The study contributed to academic and professional persons in performing arts in designing management system that was appropriate with
challenging cultural differences. Efficiency and effectiveness were, therefore, the expected


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