work-life Balance in the Roles of Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy


  • Lcdr.Kantima Charapinyo


work-life Balance, Commander-in-Chief, Support structure, Strategy, coping mechanism



Work-life balance (WLB) is generally seen as the way to develop one's human capacity by improving the relationship between work and life. In this research, WLB issues faced by seven Commander-in-Chiefs (C-in-Cs) of the RTN in the past ten years were investigated. The results were interpreted as both internal and external conceptualizations of WLB. The study found that the internal concept of WLB was the understanding eithin the family of the C-in-C. Meanwhile, the external concepts were how the C-in-Cs managed their work and their work and time. In addition, the study revealed strategies, support  strategies, support structures,and coping mechanisms that C-in-Cs used to achieve WLB.A major finding of this study was that, as long as they feel satisfied with their work and life,and do not have any stress or conflict with their families, C-in-Cs do not have to spend equal time between work and non-work activities in order toachieve WLB.




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