The Foods Set of Phitsanulok Indigenous

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Pakawadee Phugan
Soratworachum Inket


          This study has objectives to compile knowledge about foods set of Thai indigenous, Phitsanulok, and to manage food into set of Phitsanulok indigenous by conducting a survey research and participatory action research : PAR. The study is taken place in Phitsanulok municipality for 64 communities by collecting information of ingenious food that people living in the community are likely to have. From the answers obtained from the survey of people living in the community for more than 20 years with the age 50 years old and above for 640 people, it is found that there are 148 popular indigenous food which needs to be passed to next generation, and they are divided into 126 types of food and 22 desserts. Most of food is made from raw materials which are easy to find in local area. People will select and manage them into set of indigenous. From the conversation from 5 diet and nutrition experts, there are 10 sets of Phitsanulok indigenous food. Each set contains 4 types of food and 1 dessert. After that, 5 sets of Phitsanulok indigenous food are chosen to regenerate and practice to maintain the consumption of food in set type for next generation. Sets of food are selected by a group of community leaders in Phitsanulok municipality area and representatives of Phitsanulok Culture Council through conversation as follows : 1st set of Phitsanulok indigenous is Thai curry with chicken and banana stalk, Thai spicy mixed
vegetable soup, Silurus glanis fried with garlic, grilled fish chili paste, steamed flour with coconut filling, and palm juice. 2nd set is red curry with smoked dry fish and coconut milk, lotus stem yellow curry with shrimp, boiled carp with salt, catfishes with fermented fish flavored chili paste, steamed banana cake, and bale fruit juice. 3rd set is caladrum curry, banana stalk soup with grilled fish, Hed fish (Thai fish), fermented fish flavored chili paste, dried banana, and lemon grass juice. 4th set is steamed fish with curry paste in coconut cream in banana leaf wrap, fried fish clear curry with Sesbania flower, banana stalk spicy salad, catfishes dried chili paste, savoury leaf wraps, and butterfly pea juice. 5th set is jackfruit curry, Thai pork curry with morning glory, Thai spicy mixed vegetable soup, fried fish chili paste, rice flour custard, and centella herbal drink.

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