Journal of Graduate Research 
 Journal Information
  Name (In Thai) วารสารบัณฑิตวิจัย
    (In English) Journal of Graduate Research
    ISSN 2229-2756 (Print)
    ISSN 2651-1401 (Online)
  Affiliation Graduate School, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
  Editor-in-chief Dr. Nattida Supahan
  Contact Graduate School, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
    202 Chang Puak Rd., Chang Puak, Muang,
    Chiang Mai, 50300
  Tel. 669-79704563  



Journal of Graduate Research publishes educational research and academic articles that are beneficial to educational management, pedagogical development, and learning development of learners.



Journal of Graduate Research publishes articles in the fields of educational administration, learning management, early childhood education, primary education, curriculum and instruction, educational sciences, educational psychology, social studies, educational assessment and research, physical education and health education, educational innovation and technology, special education, and other related educational fields.


Journal Policies

Journal of Graduate Research is published biannually: January-June for the first issue and July-December for the second issue. Each article is double-blind peer reviewed by three reviewers in the same or related fields.

The submitted article must not be published previously or in the process of reviewing for publication in other journals, reports, or any printed materials. The author is required to strictly follow the publication ethical guidelines of the journal and to prepare his/her manuscript according to the format established by the journal. The article can be written in either Thai or English, and the contents or opinions in the article are solely of the author, and the board of editors does not necessarily have to agree with them. The duration for considering publication of an article is approximately 60 days (depending on how speedy the author revises his/her work) from the date that the author receives revising recommendations from the board before submitting the article to the reviewers. Further revising recommendations from the reviewers will be notified to the author. After improving the article and going through the process of examination for its accuracy by the board of editors, the article will be published in the journal. The article may be altered or corrected in its styles and presentation format deemed appropriate by the board. The author will be notified by a letter of acceptance when his/her article has been accepted for publication. The author whose article is deemed unsuitable for publication by the reviewers will also be notified accordingly; however, the manuscript and the publication fees will not be returned in any case. The decision of the board of editors is regarded as final.

The board of editors maintains the right to proceed with the entire processes exclusively for those who have paid the publication fees. The board declines to accept any article whose author does not comply with the regulations of the journal.

Contents of the article are solely opinions of the author(s) and the board of editors does not necessarily have to agree with them.


Publication Frequency  
Journal of Graduate Research is issued biannually (2 issues/year)


Manuscript Submission

The manuscript must be in the Microsoft Word file and submitted electronically through the ThaiJo website: The submission form, the approval form and the payment slip are submitted via the journal email at

Remarks: Graduate students submitting their articles as a part of their theses or independent studies are required to attach an approval form from their thesis supervisors allowing the article to be published.


Publication Fees
3,500    baht/article 
(The publication payment will be notified if the article pass the preliminary review)


When an article is in the journal's review process, the author would like to cancel for the publication. The auther must pay the cancellation fee of 2,000 baht per article.


Payment Method

Payment must be paid through

Siam Commercial Bank, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Branch,

Account No. 821-289065-5,

Account Name: Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (Graduate Studies Fund)